Our Mission

To help people: Elevate, Connect and Shine

Elevate your life by following Jesus.

Connect with believers in life giving relationships.

Shine your light by loving, serving, and reaching like Jesus. 


Our Vision

The Hills Church exist to shine so that people in the dark see hope and find new life in Christ.


 Our Core Values:

The Hills core values are centered around Jesus. We strive to reflect him in being:

1. Refreshing: We are committed to creating a refreshing Worship environment and culture so that people’s hearts would be renewed, inspired and transformed.

2. Relational: We believe that followers of Jesus grow and receive care best through life giving relationships in small groups.

3. Relevant: We are committed to creatively presenting the Gospel with excellence to a diverse World.

4. Serving: We believe people were created to serve and are most fulfilled when doing so.

5. Generous: We are committed to being generous on every occasion.

6. Accepting: We love all people, accept all people and lead them to truth in love.

7. Unified: The Hills is built on the Vision God gave Pastor Justin. We will defend our unity and that vision. 

8.  Authentic: We believe that God made us to be us so we can fulfill the unique purpose in which we were made.

9.  Honoring: We are committed to honoring those above us, beside us, and under us.

10. Excellent: We believe that excellence attracts the Holy Spirit and we are committed to it in all we do.

11. Audacious: We believe that God can do more than we could ever ask or imagine. We will walk in audacious Faith in response to who He is.

12. Equipping: We are committed to equipping people to walk out the purpose God has for them. 


 “At The Hills we believe you can elevate your life by following Jesus and through connecting to life giving relationships. You were made to shine and we give you permission to.”- Pastor Justin